About Us

About Wet Paint

Follow the timeline below to see how we've progessed through the years.

1978 - It all began with a T-Shirt...

Wet Paint T-Shirts began as one man, Steve Taren, selling band tees over the country, following well known bands like the Clash, the Grateful Dead and others around the U.S. to pay for his education.

1982 - Been around the World

Steve left school to take the ultimate world tour...

1989 - New Beginnings

Wet Paint T-Shirts first real print shop opened in SoHo NYC where Steve continued designing and printing tees to sell on the streets of NYC.

1991 - Wilkes Barre

Wet Paint T-Shirts moved to a 10,000 square foot factory right here in Wilkes Barre, PA.

1995 - Embroidery

Wet Paint added an embroidery division.

2004 - The DOT COM Era Begins

In 2004 Steve hired Scott Paull, our general manager and purchased our first domain name: LifeSizeCustomCutouts.com, bringing Wet Paint T-Shirts into the digital age. Since then we've consistentley mainted about 70 active websites. From there we began creating Custom Cardboard Cutouts, Face-Ka-Bobs™, Wall Decals, Custom Bar Coasters and so much more!

2014 - Another new Beginning...

Wet Paint T-Shirts and Embroidery rebranded to become Wet Paint Printing + Design, the latest incarnation, openining the door to unlimited possibilities. Keep checking back, because we're just getting started.

Fall 2014 - Movin' on Up

Wet Paint Printing + Design moved to a new 32 thousand sq ft facility on 152 Horton Street.