First you choose Sizing Options

Choose from 5 available Puzzle Piece sizes from 1in to 5in.

Next you'll provide a Photo

Just provide us with a good, hi-resolution photograph from your digital camera or scan in an older photo, then upload it to our site. Please Note: We can't print photos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Etc, because they're too compressed to create a good print file.

Then you'll choose a Production Speed and Delivery Method

Our standard production time is about 7-10 business days, but we can produce your puzzle in as little as one business day if needed.

Custom Puzzle Pricing There's no beating these prices!

Piece Sizes 1in 2in 3in 4in 5in
2ft x 3ft$29.95/ea.$84.00/ea.$69.99/ea.$64.99/ea.$59.99/ea.
3ft x 4ft$39.95/ea.$119.00/ea.$89.99/ea.$84.99/ea.$79.99/ea.
4ft x 6ftN/A$164.00/ea.$139.99/ea.$124.99/ea.$109.99/ea.
4ft x 8ftN/A$194.00/ea.$164.99/ea.$144.99/ea.$139.99/ea.

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