Out-of-home advertising is one of the most effective but tricky ways to get your brand as much

exposure as possible. And when it comes to outdoor media, car advertising is king.

They’re eye-catching, not limited to a geographic location, and long-lasting — car advertising can

help you make a positive impression on your target clients. And now as you delve deeper into

the world of transit advertising, you may be faced with a question: are vehicle wraps better than

moving billboards?

Our answer to this is a resounding YES.

Allow us to break down the pros and cons of these two types of mobile advertising for you.

Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are exactly how they sound like — they are billboards displayed on vehicles of

any kind. It makes use of electronic screens and vinyl posters to bring brands to consumers. Here

are some of the reasons why businesses choose this marketing tactic:

● The board is visible

It cannot be argued that mobile billboards are large and noticeable. In a highly congested

street, you can easily spot it because it offers a much bigger street-level view. So if you’re

wondering whether your brand will be noticed or not if you put it on a car billboard,

chances are, it will be.

● It’s changeable

We agree, there is a certain level of required commitment that comes with a vehicle wrap.

They’re much more constraining because of their permanence. Billboards, on the other

hand, can be changed easily or simply removed altogether.

Car Wraps

Before you say that mobile billboards sound like a winner, allow us to make the case for vehicle

wraps first. Vehicle wraps make use of vinyl decals to cover your car’s body panels. This gives

your car a more vibrant and glossy finish.

● Vehicle wraps are more cost-effective

Sure, installing mobile billboards may seem less expensive at the start, but vehicle wraps

simply require you to make an upfront investment and then continuously generate

revenue afterward. There are little to no added expenses after you’ve had your car


● Vehicle wraps last longer

When it comes to quality, vehicle wraps are much more reliable than mobile billboards. In

fact, they can even protect your car’s coating, so when you’re ready to have the external

vinyl removed, your car will still be good as new.

● They give a more positive impression

One of the main things that mobile billboards have got going on is their size. The initial

shock value of seeing these on the road makes it effective, sure. However, this level of

guerilla marketing might not be the best first impression that you want for your brand. Car

wraps can garner just about the same level of attention, but the impression is much more

positive. This is because wraps are more visually pleasing and not too visually aggressive.

Why most marketers prefer vehicle wraps

Vehicle billboards may seem like the more economical choice, but vehicle wraps simply pay for

themselves in the long run. Not to mention, when it comes to visual impressions, marketers have

found out that billboards are, at best, good for their “first look.” After this, the response to its

visuals drops and they will get brushed aside.

So if you ask us, vehicle wraps are the way to go when it comes to out-of-home advertising. They

provide better ROI than most outdoor media. Not only that, but they have been proven to

positively impact the sales margins of the brands that use them.


In the short term, billboards are great for launching new products and getting attention for your

brand. With it, you can change the information on the board easily, making moving billboards

work better for creating a buzz on new campaigns or product launches. You can also change

information on ads and design new billboards for exciting new offers. If you’re thinking about

long-term benefits, however, vehicle wraps are a much better option. They are much superior in

quality and do not need to be regularly changed. It is basically effortless advertising that just

keeps on giving.

In terms of quality, vehicle wraps are much more dependable and superior. They last longer and

can even protect your car’s coating underneath. While billboards may get noticed right off the bat

simply because of the shock value that their size gives, vehicle wraps are much more effective

when it comes to converting your target clients. They may be more subdued graphically, but the

results are much more positive.

We can make eye-catching vehicle wraps for you

We have the skills, expertise, and experience to install vinyl on your car for you. Our team is

made up of hardworking individuals who are particularly passionate about their craft. Give us a

call to ask us how we can get your brand to the larger public with car advertising.

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