Some people shy away from signages that light up because of the cost. If you’re one such

budget-conscious business owner and marketer, we have good news for you: the lighting

landscape continues to evolve and most of them are leaning towards more efficient use of

energy and bigger savings.

Lighting, admittedly, makes up the majority of the energy percentage used in most commercial

and manufacturing undertakings. And so, it only makes sense for you to look for more cost-

effective solutions that can positively impact the return of your investments. Not only that, but you

want to look into finding ways to save on annual maintenance costs as well.

If you’re solely focused on saving energy without minding the yearly maintenance cycles, then

you’re missing out on a lot of savings.

One way to significantly save on maintenance is by converting your signage fluorescent lights to

LED lights. The amount of time and money that you can save by doing this is astounding. Just

imagine: instead of having to change or fix your signage lights twice a year (at the very least), you

will only need to do this once every 5 to 10 years.

Can’t quite imagine how changing from fluorescent to LED lights can benefit your business? Here

are some of the ways that explain why doing so can increase your profitability:

LED lights burn longer

Just think about it: how many times have you had to change your fluorescent bulbs? If you’re

anything like us, you might have found the need to change them at least twice every year. This

can reach up to 5 times a year, depending on your usage of your signage.

Of course, you might think that constantly changing your fluorescent bulbs should not be much of

a problem. They’re fairly cheap anyway, so buying them isn’t going to make such a big dent in

your pockets. Well, the bulb may be cheap, but you getting them changed out can be a whole

production. Service technicians still need to be called in, for one. Another is that you still need to

figure out where to safely dispose of your fluorescent bulbs. These things can be toxic, after all,

and you don’t want to be the one responsible for causing mercury poisoning in your


Your option? Forego fluorescent bulbs altogether and switch to LED lighting instead. They are

cost-effective, durable, and they burn out longer too! If, for example, you use your lights for at

least 10 hours in a day, these bulbs can last you up to a decade — possibly even more.

This means that you can change the bulbs in your signage as often (or as rarely rather) as you

would change your signage.

LED lights are more tough and heavy-duty

More than just the length of time that bulbs can work and light up, one thing that you need to

consider is the durability too. You see, your signage will likely be outdoors. As such, it will be

exposed to all sorts of weather conditions — from the sweltering heat to severe storms. Needless

to say, you need to make sure that your outdoor signage weathers even the most extreme


LED lights do not just help you save on energy and the labor of changing out the bulbs. They are

also hard-wearing and borderline indestructible. Because of their make as solid-state devices,

one would be hard-pressed to destroy them. This is because these types of lightings do not have

moving parts or parts that can break. This means that they are pretty hardy and will likely survive

under extreme circumstances. As a business-minded person, you will know that this hardiness is

equal to savings in the long run, of course.

LED lights can help you cut back on energy consumption

Energy efficiency is one of LED lights’ most well-known attributes. In fact, it has been proven that

this lighting technology can help you cut back on up to 40% of the energy that you would

normally use with fluorescent lighting.


It’s a no-brainer — converting the bulbs in your signage from fluorescent to LED lights will be

more beneficial to you and your business in the long run. Not only will you be able to reduce the

cost of multiple-times-a-year maintenance, but you can give your signage the best chance at

shining longer in all weather conditions too.

And if saving on energy and your hard-earned profit isn’t enough for you, then you can east more

easily in knowing that LED lights are more environmentally safe than fluorescent bulbs too. The

latter may even be more muted when it comes to lumens. If you want brighter lights, then LED

lights are the way to go.

If you’re interested in saving more energy and in annual maintenance costs, give us a call today.

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