If you are looking for a great, inexpensive way to decorate your space quickly,

consider coroplast cutouts. These murals are custom-made cutouts and available

in three different materials cardboard, coroplast, and foam core.

They can be hung up and taken down without nails, or leaving a stain, mark, or

sticky residue. You can get anything you want on them for a permanent or

temporary design for walls, indoor, or out.

Custom Design

You can get something made for a special occasion, like a wedding, a milestone

birthday, or a retirement party. If you want something more permanent, you can

get something unique and made to suit your business.

If you run a daycare, an indoor dog park, or anything that could use a custom-

made mural with a lot of color and personality, then these instant murals are the

way to go.

They use pictures or designs of your choosing and are made to fit whatever

space you need them for. They can cover the entire wall, just one wall, half a

wall, or any other space you are considering decorating.

These are much faster and less expensive than other types of permanent décor

and if you leave, you can take them with you. You can have the mural made

from your own photos or stock photos.

Get cityscapes, mountain views, oceans, skylines of your own view, Paris at

night, or anything else you can think of. Maybe you want it to have pictures of

your own product. That can be done, as well.

Indoors and Out

Not only will these murals look fantastic in your daycare space or your park, but

you can get vinyl sheets to cover chain link fences and other types of fencing.  To View a recent clients finished job visit the gallery at Wags Indoor Dog park.

If you want to get something plain, or something that matches the designs and

patterns you have already chosen, that is perfect. If you want something else,

then that works, too.

Maybe you want your fence to be covered with something that looks like trees

or hedges. Adding something from nature, like plants, flowers or animals makes

the space seem much more homey.

You can also have an instant mural made for inside the daycare, the office, a

bedroom, or the breakroom. Anywhere you might normally add paint or

wallpaper, you can use a mural, instead.

Here, again, you can use your own photos for the mural or get some ideas from

our gallery of photos. If you want something to be there for some time or just

something fun for a special occasion, then you can get that.

These murals don’t mark the walls in any way. You can take them down and

move them around if needed. It’s the perfect solution if you are in a temporary


Personal Touch

Regardless of what you want the instant mural for, you can have almost

anything you want. If you are having something made for a milestone birthday

or anniversary, you can add photos of the guests.

Find pictures of them through the years and make a nice mural for the party that

they can take home. An anniversary could have pictures of the couple all

through their years, their wedding, the kids, the grandkids.

If you want to find something more permanent, like for your office or

workspace, then we can do that, too. If you have a dental practice, think about

fun designs of teeth and toothbrushes that will make the room seem brighter and

more fun.

These types of murals are also great for kids. Think about all the designs,

shapes, and colors you can use to inspire and stimulate them. Ideal for a daycare

or kindergarten setting.

The best part is that you can have the mural made with whatever design you

want. From the birth of a new baby to a heartwarming memorial to someone

who has passed.

The possibilities are endless for the designs you want. Having a mural with

personal photos makes such a nice touch. It’s also so much better than relying

on an artist to paint a portrait. They tend to be way more expensive and may not

come out as you had hoped.

Custom Murals

An instant custom mural can be for a nursery or an entire hospital wing. There

are no limits to what you can do. There is never a problem hanging them and

then removing them. They never leave a mark or a hole on the wall and you can

use them over again in a different space if needed.

Why not let your imagination run wild and come up with the perfect designs

and colors for your instant mural. If you can dream it, we can make it. Take a

look through your old photos and find the perfect ones for your next special


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